Boy Scout Troop 633


Where  Catholic Faith and Adventure Meet 

Q: I see you are a Catholic Scouting group, are only those of Catholic faith welcome?

Q: My scout is young and is not quite ready to be camping on his own yet, I am afraid he will not like it. How can you help him?

Q: Do we need to wait until the new school year to join?

Q: How Often do you Meet?

Q: Would my son need to attend every event?

Q: What is the process to join?

Q: Do I need to join the troop closest to my home?

A: No! In fact we have scouts of varying faiths join our troop as members or continue to join us on trips from other troops due to our rich program offerings

A: While we are confident that our youth leadership will take him under their wing and make him feel welcome and comfortable, your son is not alone. We welcome parents to come along on any and all our trips until we all feel they are ready.  We simply ask that such parents take a step back as a parent and let the leaders lead.  Your presence will go a long way and if your young scout is in need, they are welcome to seek your company.

A: No! Our scouting program features 12 months of camping and activities so now is always the best time to join!

A: Troop meetings are every Friday except when there is a campout. There is at least one campout per month. Check out our Calendar for more info!

A: No! There are many reasons why scouts are unable to attend. Sports, other faith or community commitments, or overall program preferences. Our busy program offers something for everyone and some scouts take full advantage of the opportunities while others pick and choose. While data has shown a scout who is more active is more likely to succeed if their goal is to make Eagle scout, the program can be individually tailored to their liking.

A: Please utilize the contact us link  to schedule an initial call.  We will then schedule time to meet your scout, provide the necessary application and information for uniform and supplies or if you are ready now check out our New Scout Registration Link. 

A: No! We have  multiple scouts attend our meeting who travel over 25 miles to get to our meetings!

All troops have their own culture & overall programs. Some are very hands on teaching on the trail or at the camps while others may be more instructional at meetings, may enjoy focusing on other aspects of scouting that another troop may not. Some may emphasize outdoors program while others may focus on cooking , STEM, and others. With that, you can count on all troops covering the same material required to become Scout, Tenderfoot, 2nd Class, 1st Class, all the way up to Eagle. The BSA clearly defines our paths.

There is no right or wrong approach, they are simply different and it's important to see if a particular program suits your son's needs the best.