Rank of Eagle Scout

Joseph L - 4/2/19


Christopher - 7/6/20

CT Yankee Council Appalachian Trail.jpg
Connecticut Appalachian Trail
End to End Club
Completed all 52.3 miles of the Appalachian Trail  in CT whether all in one trip or split over a course of time

Shane C, Chris, Joe, Shane S

Ezra, Justin

CT Yankee Council Year Round.jpeg
Year Round Camper Award
Camping outdoors at least one night in each of the twelve consecutive months under the stars utilizing an approved shelter, and recognized preparation of meals

Shane C & Joe - 79 Months

Chris - 24 Months

Shane S - 12 Months

Jon L - 12 Months

CT Yankee Council Frosted Camper Award.j
Frosted Camper Award
Camp overnight in temps below 20 Degrees, Remain in the Elements at least 20hrs,  Hike in Food/Supplies

Shane C, Jac Lorenzo, Ezra, Dylan, Liam, Nick, Jacob, Joe, Mason, John, Shane S, Jon L

BSA 50 Miler Award - Backpacking
Scouts must plan route/meals/saftey, backpack for at least 4 nights / 5 days for a minimum of 50miles & perform trail work.  

Shane C,  Ezra, Joe, Justin, Shane S

mile swim.jpg
BSA Mile Swim Award

Scouts who earn this award demonstrate knowledge of risks, demonstrate superior skill, and successfully complete mile swim


BSA Snorkeling Award
Scouts who earn this award successfully demonstrate the risks, how to overcome them, how to properly fit and use equipment. Click to see full list.

Liam , Joe 

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